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Thanks to all your support we have hit our target!
29/11/2013: Thanks to all your support we have hit our target!

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation, and all those of you who donated towards our 'iċ-Ċavetta' campaign will help 1000 overcome illiteracy.
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Thank you for your support!
02/07/2013: Thank you for your support!

Our fundraising barbecue was a great success, with almost 400 guests and an excellent spread at the Hotel Excelsior.
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€17,000 raised, €13,000 to go!
30/06/2013: €17,000 raised, €13,000 to go!

Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we're well on our way to helping 1000 overcome illiteracy!
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The Paulo Freire Institute in Zejtun was set up by the Maltese Jesuits to promote literacy and community development.The aim of the Paulo Freire Institute is to empower, and promote the self-development, self-confidence and the talents (including functional literacy) of each and every individual, especially the vulnerable in society. For this reason our Institute ap...
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Testimonies to Success

'Iċ-Ċavetta' Literacy Project

Two of our adult students tell us how this literacy toolkit has changed their life
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The Message

Our Mission Statement - Social inclusion is a social value and aim of contemporary Maltese Society. Yet some citizens still have to be helped to stand up for their rights and to participate fully in Maltese democratic society. The Paulo Freire Ins...
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